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Glock's Toto Jr x Negro

 11/06/2016 | KWPN Stallion | Black | 17.3hh

If we are lucky, at some stage in our career, there comes a horse that brings excitement, opportunity and enthusiasm.  For me, that is the Toto Jr x Negro son, Toto Nation De Jeu.

Those who meet ‘Lio’ are immediately drawn to his inquisitive yet extremely gentle nature.  Always keen for scratches and attention, he very quickly, becomes one of the favourites! 

Toto Nation is a remarkable combination of some of the world’s best Grand Prix stallions with a pedigree boasting Totilas, Desperados, Gribaldi, De Niro and Negro.  His ability to cover ground with the most expressive canter, uphill frame and clear mechanics make him an exciting prospect for the future.

Toto Jr needs little introduction as he’s capturing the limelight as one of Edward Gal’s front runners scoring 79.43% in his first Grand Prix start.  His father Totilas was considered by many, the almost unachievable benchmark for modern day dressage setting enviable records such as being the first horse to score over 90% in a dressage test plus winning Gold at the European and World Championships with a freestyle record of 92.3%. 

The De Niro son, Desperados was also a stallion with the ultimate performance history.  A career highlight was the German Team Gold at the Rio de Janiro Olympics and his WBFSH ranking of the top dressage stallion in the world. 

Negro is the father of the horse that became the successor to Totilas’ world record breaking scores, Valegro.  Here we witnessed a horse with a strong back, extreme work ethic and ability to collect take the highest acclaimed prizes in dressage – Olympic Gold, double World Championship Gold and a new record of 94.3%. 

If you would like to secure a service to Toto Nation De Jeu click here to book online!

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